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Grand Master Instructor, Robert Stevens, is a 9th Dan (degree) Kukkiwon  Black Belt. Master Stevens studied under Grandmaster Com Son Cho, the legendary Korean Heavyweight, and later studied Olympic Style under World Champion Chung Ho Park. On September 14, 2022, at age 56, he was notified by the President of Kukkiwon of his successful test for 9th dan. 

Stevens is a Kukkiwon Certified Poom/Dan Examiner and holds the elite Grade 1 designation. Stevens has completed the Kukkiwon Master Instructor's Course Grade 3 and Grade 2, achieving a citation for excellence both times.  

Pueblo Location

Master Instructor, Robert Keiffer, is a 6th Dan (degree) Kukkiwon Black Belt. Master Keiffer began his Taekwondo training in 1984. During his 30 years of training, he has studied under Grand Master Bobby Kim, Grand Master Robert Stevens, Master Rob Tobin, and Master Mike Newby. Master Keiffer holds a Grade 3 Kukkiwon Poom/Dan Examiner license. 


Keiffer continues to train and teach with a student mind and brings to his classes a diverse knowledge and wisdom he has gained from the schools and Master Instructors with whom he has trained.

Pueblo classes are every Monday and Thursday, 5:30-6:45 PM. The address is 84 Stanford Ave, Pueblo, CO 81001. Master Keiffer can be reached at 719-671-5329 or

Longmont Location

Master Instructor Bert Downing is a 5th Dan (degree) Kukkiwon Black Belt.  He received his 1st Dan in 2005 under Grand Master Robert Stevens.  He taught with Master Allen Shearer in Longmont until his move in 2021, when he joined forces with Mark Morgan to create Peak Taekwondo.  We offer a diverse background with experience in multiple disciplines, including WT, ITF, and Tang Soo Do. 

Longmont's Peak Taekwondo offers classes Monday through Friday at Redline Athletics of Longmont. Master Downing can be reached at

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