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Setting Up a Martial Arts Home Studio (guest content!)

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Setting Up a Martial Arts Home Studio

courtesy of Amanda Henderson,

If you’re looking for a fun way to stay active, why not try martial arts? Practicing martial arts can help you lose weight, improve your focus, relieve mental fatigue, and enjoy a confidence boost. Although increasing your physical fitness is always a good thing, regular exercise can also provide a boost to your mental health.

For times when you’re unable to attend a martial arts class, you can set up a studio at home where you can practice on your own or with family members. If you play your cards right, the modifications you make could actually help increase your home’s value. Below, take a look at some curated resources that will help you design the perfect personal martial arts studio.

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Choosing a Martial Art Style

Before you get started, choose a martial arts style that aligns with your goals and personal abilities. It’s important to work closely with professional instructors as you move along.

● What you learn first is your choice. Pay attention to your body and how it responds to your training.

● Different styles serve different purposes.

● Start with a martial art that is conducive to your age and skill level.

● Take classes from the top-notch instructors at World Taekwondo.

Making Space and Purchasing Gear

Repurpose a large space in your home, such as your basement, where you can practice martial arts comfortably and safely. Purchase applicable gear — safety first!

● If you plan on sparring, buy extra headgear, shin guards, and 16-ounce boxing gloves.

● Have gear for pad work and gear for sparring.

● Keep your gear clean with natural DIY cleaners in between sessions

● Practice footwork in addition to striking and grappling.

● If you lack space in your apartment, consider other rental options with space for practice.

Before Your First Training Session

Before you start practicing the martial art of your choice, take a look at some of the best ways to get started.

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that while practicing at home can help keep your skills sharp, you still need to set aside time for personal instruction and possibly in-person sparring when you’re ready.

● Prepare to document your training journey by setting up a YouTube business.

● Even if you can’t train with people, know what you can do alone.

● Stay strong in your mind and body — having good habits will improve your training.

● Combine instruction with online videos and tutorials that help you learn faster.

If you’ve always wanted to try martial arts, this may be a great opportunity to get the ball rolling on your new practice sooner rather than later. Martial arts training is a great way to spend your time, from home or your local studio with proper safety protocols.

* Courtesy of Amanda Henderson, *


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